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9/12 I Wish I Had A Voice


In the past few years, I have been wondering about the connection between

Guy the basketball player, and Guy the musician.

Why do I choose time and time again professions or hobbies that put me in the center of things or on the stage while people are looking at me?

Honestly, I don't like so much attention anymore,

and I'm struggling with the role of being a frontman.

I think that what I really want to achieve and I wanted to do with basketball since I was a little kid is to have a voice!


Since I can remember, I always see the "wrong" in things.

I always point out what is unfair, almost like it's my duty to tell the people around me whatever I think can be improved.


I wish I had a Voice that combines the will that I have for people to listen to what I have to say and for what I genuinely believe can be better in our world,

in the School system, in Government, in society...

and the wish that I have to have a better voice for singing.


The problem is, that besides my closest circles,

I don't really speak my mind in public.

I always waited to reach a certain status to have enough

people listening to me to start speaking.


Now I know I should start saying what I have to say and whoever wants to listen will do, and whoever doesn't like what I have to say, it is what it is.

What do you think?


I wish my voice will find it's address

I wish my word would have a meaning

I wish my sound could fly for distance

I wish I never were alone


My mind not speaking with words

I wish I had a voice

My mouth is now blocked from emotions

I wish I had a voice

My mind is not speaking with words

I wish I had A voice

My mouth is now blocked like my mind is

You shouldn't have messed with my blood


Big Thanks to: Chezi Nehemia for the mix, Yoav Naveh for the mastering, Jona Mai for the beautiful artwork and Pop Stipendium. I played all the instruments on that one. Thank you for listening,

Much love DEGUY

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