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Just A Suggestion 12/12
That's it my friends, this instrumental song is closing a whole year of this crazy project.
The idea was clear to me from day one: I want to release a song every month so I don't feel this heavy weight of releasing-expectations syndrome, this allows me to release different songs with different styles or qualities without giving it such a big stage or meaning. 
And this is where I was wrong, with every song I released a huge stone was added to my shoulders, and honesty it got me very depressed in the first few months. 
It took me through a crazy emotional ride that though me a lot and was also very difficult for me. 
To explain the situation for publishing music these days I will need more than a page but to put it short - If one wants to reach a big amount of listeners through the internet these days you need a lot of money to be able to really make an impact and a breakthrough.
Otherwise, it's a waste of money that might make you a fan here and there but wouldn't change anything in your life but numbers. 
Now, I'm not saying that for nothing else but being honest and telling you about how I feel about the whole journey.
Still, as we like to say in Hebrew - I feel complete with my path and my choices because I see a lot of value in the complete work that I created here with a lot of dear friends. 
I see a lot of value that will stay forever in connecting music, art, stories, and people.
My main focus is always on art and creativity. By now I already know what I'm good at and what I like to do the most and my answer to any challenge that the world is throwing my way is making more art and more sound and more love.
I believe that music has a greater power than we know about or can understand in our times. I believe that in the future people will know much more than we know today and they will use music and sounds for healing, communication, and much more.
I believe that there's a spiritual power that moves things in our physical world and for some reason, I am supposed to do exactly what I do. The outcome is not up to me and therefore I always try to be happy and thankful for what I have, and I have a lot.
I also have you! that read these lines right now and that is huge! 
Thank you for reading, thank you for listening.
God bless 

11/12 Fly Like A Butterfly

Happy(?) 8th of the month.

Hey everyone, Even though these days are still super challenging, I'd like to continue my releases.

The first reason is that after all, I still believe in music, and I still believe that people are born good.

I belong to the religion that believes that music has the power to change things. Even if it's small changes it can mean the world to someone.

I dedicated this release to all the kids who are suffering from the bad decisions of the adults.

This song is really one of my oldest songs, it makes a lot of fun to play it live,

but if not for my little nephews who like this song I would probably never record it like that.

The credit also goes to those who dance to this song on our shows, If you are one of those people, thank you.

I hope the song can make you smile today.


Love and peace,


Sax: Barak

Sax solo: Onno

Trumpet: Marcus

Art-work: Jona Mai

Drums: Peter

Bass: Tom Keys: Perry

Guitar: deguy

Vox: Tom

Vox: deguy

Harmonica: deguy

Mix: deguy

Mastering: Yoav Naveh


Thank you all for being part of it! it's really moving to see all of your names here <3

9/12 I Wish I Had A Voice


In the past few years, I have been wondering about the connection between

Guy the basketball player, and Guy the musician.

Why do I choose time and time again professions or hobbies that put me in the center of things or on the stage while people are looking at me?

Honestly, I don't like so much attention anymore,

and I'm struggling with the role of being a frontman.

I think that what I really want to achieve and I wanted to do with basketball since I was a little kid is to have a voice!


Since I can remember, I always see the "wrong" in things.

I always point out what is unfair, almost like it's my duty to tell the people around me whatever I think can be improved.


I wish I had a Voice that combines the will that I have for people to listen to what I have to say and for what I genuinely believe can be better in our world,

in the School system, in Government, in society...

and the wish that I have to have a better voice for singing.


The problem is, that besides my closest circles,

I don't really speak my mind in public.

I always waited to reach a certain status to have enough

people listening to me to start speaking.


Now I know I should start saying what I have to say and whoever wants to listen will do, and whoever doesn't like what I have to say, it is what it is.

What do you think?


I wish my voice will find it's address

I wish my word would have a meaning

I wish my sound could fly for distance

I wish I never were alone


My mind not speaking with words

I wish I had a voice

My mouth is now blocked from emotions

I wish I had a voice

My mind is not speaking with words

I wish I had A voice

My mouth is now blocked like my mind is

You shouldn't have messed with my blood


Big Thanks to: Chezi Nehemia for the mix, Yoav Naveh for the mastering, Jona Mai for the beautiful artwork and Pop Stipendium. I played all the instruments on that one. Thank you for listening,

Much love DEGUY

When You Let Loose 8/12

Happy 8.8 of the month everyone! 

Not many people have heard the song 'When You Let Loose' even my band and my mom will be surprised, I think.
The song was written during a winter visit to Mitzpe
Ramon, which is very close to my heart.
We spent a week and a half together, the three of us.
A small and young family.
I always have a special feeling in the desert and near the crater.
I feel closer to myself and time passes in a more logical paste for me 

This is not the first song I received in Mitpe.
Also in my second album 'Plastic World' the song Believe was written in Mitzpe and I can see the connection between them, even though they sound very different.

It is no coincidence that the current song also deals with my passion for spirituality and meditation.
The song was written with excitement and a great feeling that filled my whole body with gratitude.
The song refers to precisely that - meditation, spirit, love, worldview, and the desire to learn to let loose.
Enjoy listening.

The song was recorded and composed by me only,
My dear Hezi Nehemia Mixes and Yoav Naveh on the Mastering,
Jona May did the cover.
Thanks to Pop Stipendium for the support.

Speaking of gratitude! I am very happy with the team built to release the songs.

when you let loose
when you really let it go
it's when it starts to flow
it's when you start to grow

when you lose your expectations
it's when it starts to happen
it's a little place called heaven on earth
I wish I could tell but I'm still on my way

I'm seeking for truth
swimming through deserts with you
fill me in with your clues
All I need is you.
expose all that's pure

all I need is
is all I have already
no possessions
no protections
no ambitions
no anticipations

all that is real has no limitations
I shall not let my doubts make my decisions
expanding my mind, unblocking what's already inside
of my, for me, for everything that is around me

I'm seeking for truth
swimming through deserts with you
fill me in with your clues
All I need is you.
expose all that's pure


Happy 8th of the month everyone! 

I just finished probably one of the most intense weeks ever. 

I played 6 shows in 8 days in different places in Germany, plus 2 Studio days and I took care of my daughter in between.

I'm very tired but very thankful for being able to work with music, I'm grateful for meeting so many new people and having such amazing souls as my music partners. 

I was so into it that I almost forgot that I'm releasing a song today.

Just Dance is a fun song, probably the funkiest song so far. 

I remember dancing as a child, like really dancing! I could dance as long as my parents let me stay up. Jumping around, feeling the music, it didn't even cross my mind what I looked like or what other people might think of me.  
Also as a teenager, one of my biggest hobbies, probably second to basketball, was going to clubs with my friends for dancing. Of course, as a teenager, I started to care about people, especially girls, and how they reacted to my dancing. 

But it still felt pure and innocent. 
I guess it all started to change once alcohol joined the game. 

We got a bit older and began to drink before going out. At that point, something in my passion for dancing has died. Ever since I started dancing only with alcohol it became tough to dance without it. 
I wish I could shut down and just dance and move my body, utterly unconscious of my surroundings, just for myself. 

Think about a person dancing on the streets, on the train, in a restaurant, etc. 

Most people would have raised an eyebrow.  

Even watching a person skip or do side steps or whatever is not 'normal'. 

Why are only walking and jogging part of our norms? Isn't it weird thinking about it like this? There are many other ways to use and move our bodies and I bet it could be healthier for our bodies and souls. 

Let's change the world one step at a time and JUST DANCE :) 



Huge thx to Waldane Alladin for the coolest raping part ever! much love and appreciation! 

and for all the beautiful people who took part in the song! 

Yuval Pdaya -Solo Trumpet

Emma Jacob - Sax

Marcus Hector - Trumpet

Drums - Peter Krutsch 

Bass - Tom Bunzel 

Noah Schultz - Keys

Chezi Nehemia and Tom Elbaz <3 - Mixing

Yoav Naveh - Mastering

Jona Mai - Artwork

Picture: Gil Volfson

Pop Stipendium! 

Me on guitar, vocals, songwriting and Production. 

Happy 8th of the month you all :) 

6/12 The Picture Of My Youth

This month I'm bringing to you probably the most emotional song for me. 
The picture of my youth talks about facing your past in the most vulnerable way.
I honestly think that the song and the text speak for themselves, so I don't want to say too much. 

Besides that, I just like to share with you that I took a month off last May from releasing songs. 
Releasing music is really not as easy as one might think. It sounds like a cliche but with every song I release I feel like I give away a piece of my soul and it always hurts a bit. 
This is the reason I want to thank you all in this group.  
Every little gesture helps a good word, a share, a conversation. 
Feel free to add more people to this group if you think they might be interested. 
Thank you all and much love.
Guy Deguy

Drums -Peter Krutsch 
Guitar - Noah Schulz 
Backing vocals - Tom Buntzel, Ofri Aud, Marcus Hector
Mixing - Chezi Nehemia and Tom Elbaz
Mastering - Yoav Nahveh
Art Work - Jona Mai
Big Thanks to - Pop Stipendium 
Lyrics, music, guitars, bass, and production - DeGuy

Mellow Guy 5/12


I'll be quite honest with you, not all my songs are super deep ;)

Some songs are just there to make a point to myself or just for fun to me.

Mellow Guy was written a bit after I released my first album and felt like many people didn't understand me and my music.

I heard questions like: what kind of genre is that?

Why are none of the songs catchy?

Why didn't you wait longer before you recorded your songs?

and it made me write these lyrics:

I never wrote a funky song

I can't compose catchy music

I never tried to please the masses

Never even tried to try

I'm just a Mellow Guy

I never wrote a happy song (I don't know how)

I don't like mainstream music

And I don't appreciate the temporary culture

Real art lasts longer, right?

But what the fuck do I know?

I'm just a Mellow Guy

Nothing happened with the song for a few years,

but last year we were playing an event where we needed more uptempo songs and more danceable stuff so I brought this song as an idea and we all felt like it was super fun to play it.


Just a few weeks later we got into my studio and recorded all 4 instruments as a session:

Drums, Guitar, bass, and keys.

We did 4 songs on that day.

Afterward, I was adding some synths and backing vocals, all in one day in a good flow and a lot of fun doing it.

I hope you will enjoy it :)

yours Deguy.

Drums: Peter

Bass: Tom

Keys: Perry

Guitars, synths, Vocals, lyrics, music: Deguy

Recorded by: Snir and Deguy

Mixed by: Chezi Nehemia

Mastered by: Yoav Naveh

Art Work: Jona Mai

Pop Stipendium 

Better World 4/12

About the song

Since I was a little kid, I was thinking a lot about the system and the society we live in. 
As a teenager, I was very critical of the life that was waiting for me as an adult. 
I'm not doing much to try and change society. So far I have been concentrating on my own life and how I can live my life out of this run, and I sometimes feel selfish, I sometimes think that I don't give the world what I could have given. I hope to do more one day for others! 
Therefore I admire people who dedicate their lives to something they stand for. 
People who dedicate a lot of their time to yell their hearts out, to demonstrate, to try and open other people's eyes to some truths they can't see yet.  
It takes a lot of courage and energy.

On the one hand, I wrote this song for those people who are trying to make this world a better place. On the other hand, the second verse is dedicated to all the governments! 

Credits and much love to:

Peter Kruztsch: drums
Noah Schulz: Keys
Yuval Pedaya: Trumpet
Myself: Guitars, Vocals, Synths, Bass
Mixing: Chezi Nehemia
Mastering: Yoav Naveh
Art Work: Jona Mai
Thanks to: Pop Stipendium

I can see you falling
high from the sky 
and I can see you holding
holding me tight
and I can hear you crying
every night 

I can see you fighting
in all of the wars 
but I can see you rising 
in spiritual worlds
but I can see your sorrow
dropping those tears
but I can see you dreaming yea 

of one better place 
of one better world

Liers, leave us alone
liers, release your control
liers, those who're drunk but not from Booz 
making us high to forget
instead of shouting booo and bullshit and
get out get out get out
get out get out get out

I can see you fighting
in all of the wars 
but I can see you rising 
in spiritual worlds
but I can see your sorrow
dropping those tears
but I can see you dreaming yea 

of one better place 
of one better world

I don't know how to fake love


About Being Good

I sat down and I tried to write what the song is about,

I started writing over and over again and every time I stopped,

I had a feeling of philosophizing or that I wasn't entirely standing behind what I was writing about. In general, the song reveals the place in me that really wants to be good.

Good to those around me, to myself, to the world, to nature, towards animals, and to be good in what I do.

But the world keeps challenging me a lot and makes it difficult for me to be good.

Not long ago, I decided that I won't lie anymore! Not even white lies...

It's reeeeally hard, lol.

Every time I ran into an unpleasant person, whether was it on the streets, government employees, some neighbors, or any other unpleasant reaction towards me.

It dragged me into negative thoughts and I did convey these negativities, sometimes.


I would really love to hear whom of you also have had difficult situations with it and what challenges you have? How do you overcome negativity?

So, the song talks about these life circumstances, the hope for a peace of mind, and the desire to change something in the society.

How does our daily life badly challenge our sympathy? How do we deal with it and what helps me?

A huge thank you to all of you who are listening and following.

I appreciate each and every feedback that I'm getting from you.

A big thanks to Gil Wolfson for the video!

To Ofri, my perfect sister, and Marina, my amazing wife, who participated in the music video.

It was one spontaneous evening, we laughed a lot and had a great time shooting this video.


Thanks to Peter Krutsch for the drums.

To Chazi Nehemiah for mixing and Yoav Nave for Mastering.

Jona Mai for the Art Work.

Thanks to Pop Stipendium for the scholarship.

Much Love,


I was attacked by the evil dark

it came from nowhere and I wasn't prepared.

I learned that a witch's potion

can turn a person into a fake.

drugs and negative emotions can turn purple into black.

Jealousy can drive me out of me.


swimming in an ocean of caution.

seems to dislike my new devotion,

negative emotions tend to propagate

faster than the goods.


I'm in the mood I'm not yet screwed,

Working on my attitude.

I'm not here to brood.

It's the wisdom that I'm chasing,

through meditation,

I'm comprehending,

it's the never-ending struggle.

Being Good.


Lack of proportion,

Dangerous motion, get me in distortion.


It's so hard to be good


I'm in the mood I'm not yet screwed,

Working on my attitude.

I'm not here to brood.

It's the wisdom that I'm chasing,

through meditation,

I'm comprehending,

it's the never-ending struggle.

Being Good.

2/12 How Come We've Gotten So Low


The story behind the song:


A year ago I spent the winter in Israel, next to Jerusalem, with my family. It was a really weird time. In Germany, there was still a hard lockdown and I had nothing to go back to. I wasn’t able to play shows, visit shows or do anything with people in person.

In Israel, the situation was already much better. Far from perfect, but better than in Germany.

I was looking around me and saw a lot of things that caused me big emotional pain. I saw people turning against each other, I saw people losing respect and patience for anyone with a different opinion than theirs. I saw families that don't want to meet with their dear ones, thinking differently, I saw couples splitting up!

And for what? thinking differently? believing in different stuff?

Since I was born, I haven't experienced such a strong power of dividing people, and it made me really sad.


So I was at my parents’ house, by myself, and this song came to me. Most of the time when I write songs I have nothing in mind about how I want them to be. I just write and play whatever comes to my mind, without thinking about the outcome. But this time I knew I wanted to make a song where all the instruments are playing together the same thing, almost like a unison, none of the instruments should stand out or try to take the attention. I thought about the text as a mantra that should repeat and keep rolling like water. I ended up adding one more verse and some instruments that stand out. But the core of the song is this.

I put together an improvised little home studio and I started to record all the instruments. Since I was far away from my band it was a good challenge for me to try to play all the instruments I can in a song, and I really enjoyed doing it.  


The song 'How Come We've Gotten So Low' is attempting to awaken people's thoughts about where we are today as a society and why. To make people think deeper about: how I treat other people? How do I react to conflicts? What do I think of people with different opinions than mine? How can I make myself and others feel better about today? Where does History repeat itself, and why do we let it happen? Why are we living our lives so busy and so deep into our own shit, that we literally don't have enough time and patience to help and care for others?


Thank you so much for listening and reading!

The artwork was made by my good friend: Jona Mai

It was recorded and played by me.

Mixed by: Chezi Nehemia

and Mastered by: Yoav Naveh


It's a privilege to have such good friends helping me with their talents.


How come we've gotten so low

what did we miss on the way

where in the world did it get out of hand

and how shall we learn to forget


How come we've gotten so low

how come we've gotten so low

What in the world should we do to forget

and what can we learn out of that


It takes courage to follow the path

take it one step at the time

leave the past in the past

we are looking ahead

the change has to be from the top 

                                                                    Bridge/DEGUY                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Since I'm living abroad, it is always an ambivalent feeling to be on my way to Israel, then suddenly I'm there and in the next moment I'm away again.
Being away feels often very lonely and very far away. On my way home I'm always very excited, I'm full of emotions that I don't even know how to call in names, and I'm full of memories and expectations.
At some point I started to visit other places on my way home.
Many times it's Berlin or Prague that are not far from where I live. But sometimes it is also Athens or Crete. I noticed that it is good for me to have these 'Bridges' between what I call my home to what really feels like home.
The text of the song Bridge was written in one of those 'Bridges'.
This time I was in Krakow. I've been once in Krakow before. It was a long time ago when I was 17 years old. Back then I visited Poland with my Grandpa and my school class together. We went to Poland to learn, see and experience the story of the holocaust through the story of my grandpa.
We started the journey in his little hometown Zdunska Wola, Ghetto Lodz and all the way to Auschwitz. In between we also visited other camps and cities.
I remembered Krakow quite well, because it had a really nice classic European old town. I also had a special moment there with my grandpa in the synagogue we went to.
This time I visited Krakow all by myself. I didn't book a hotel and I didn't have a city map or any plan. I just took a bus to the center and started to walk.
Half from memory, half from intuition, it didn't take long and I found myself in the jewish quarter. I liked it a lot, it had a nice market in one of the small squares and it felt alive, yet it was a bit abandoned, and I like places that give me the feeling of potential. Suddenly, I'm standing in front of the Synagogue where I had this special moment with my grandpa. Maybe it's a good time to tell that my relationship with my grandpa wasn't simple and it was involved with many emotions and difficulties, so it's not that often that I had 'a moment' with him.
I went inside the Synagogue and I met the Rabbi and his wife. I told them about my last visit there and that it's my second time there. They were really kind and the Rabbi asked me if I would like to make a prayer. I told him that I didn't know how to and he kindly offered to show me. On a normal day I would probably say no, but 'on the bridge' I am always more open to everything.
Later I found a nice little hotel in the Jewish quarter and I went to look for some live music as I always do.  
Before the sunset I made it to a wide river. I don't know his name. I crossed a modern bridge with pieces of art along it and sat down on the other side.
I took out my harmonica and sketch book and started to play for myself.  
The look of the sunset, the river and the city was so nice. So I started to describe what my eyes see along with what my heart feels:

A bridge hangs above the water,
and a slimy moon hangs above the bridge,
the colors of the sky singing that the day is done,
the bottom of the rivers full with lovers keys.

One look to your right will tell about the future,
and one look to your left will tell about the past
one look into your heart will tell about the conflict
and everything you've lost

Before my life will fall into a hole
I guess it's time to breathe in

Thinking if it's worth the cost,
or if you lost control.
should I let it loose and keep the flow
or should I hold control and stop this snow ball?  

Before my life will fall into a hole
I guess it's time to breath in

The text waited for some time for its music to come, even after it had music I have to thank my band for liking it and making it sound like you hear today, I'm very grateful for all the people who play with me and help me along the way: 

Drums: Peter Krutsch
Bass: Tom Bunzel
Trumpet: Marcus Hector
Trombon: Noah Schulz
Sax: Emma Jacob
Deguy:  Keys, gtr, Vox
Mixing : Chezi Nehemia
Mastering: Yoav Naveh
Art Work: Jona Mai
Recording / Production: Deguy
Big thanks to: Pop Stipendium and Neustart Kultur
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